Hilliard Horseshoe Club
Want to find out more about our league? Contact HilliardHorseshoeClub@gmail.com or call Amy Miller at 614.507.2468

Signup starts April The season officially gets under way with a letter from our league secretary. If you are interested in pitching, contact us before then.
Sign Up Night. League meeting, final signup May 3
6:30 pm. Meet (shelter by the courts), sign up, pay dues if you haven't already. And pitching of course.
Work Night. Work & clean-up night May 10 6:30 pm. Get the courts ready for play. Pitch!
First nights of pitching May 17,18 Team rosters handed out. Elect team captains. Let the pitching begin! Note that everyone signs up as an individual player. Our league secretary combines individuals into teams. Pitching starts 6:45, show up earlier for practice!
Hilliard Tournament - the Jack Baldwin Classic June 24,25
Pitch, volunteer, watch and enjoy, eat, visit, soak up the sun. Any or all of these! Pitching from about 10-6 each day.
Last night of pitching *August 2,3
Rainouts during season will determine final dates. Current dates reflect a single (Thursday July 28) rainout.
League tournament (fun night) *August 9

All pitchers, 2 class league tournament - everyone pitching against their own year-end average. $3 per pitcher. Money back for pitching your average, remaining pot shared with winners.

Playoffs (if needed)

*August 10 (Thursday league)
*August 16 (Wednesday league)

Rainouts during season can change date. Need for playoffs depends on standings.
Pick-up doubles Wednesdays starting Aug 23 until weather gets bad. 6:30 pm. Once the league is done, Wednesdays are optional gatherings to play doubles. Each week, drawings pair up a pitcher from the "upper half" and one from the "lower half" based on average. Round robin, lots of fun. $1 to play, to the winners at the end of the evening. Show up if you want to join in!
Banquet September 20 3rd Wednesday. Der Dutchman restaurant. Doors open 6:30. Some long standing traditions, sprinkled now and then with something new.
  * Dates might change, based on rainouts during the season  
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